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City Dressing Project

City Dressing helps to welcome people to a location, celebrate a particular event or initiative, or as a rolling programme of campaigns.
Many cities throughout the world use media such as banners to enhance the environment, bringing movement and colour to urban spaces.
Belfast is a city with a unique pattern: patterns of work and living, patterns of laughter and enjoyment, patterns of history and modernity; patterns that shape our everyday routine and make this city so unique. 

The aim of this City Dressing project, Patterns of the City, is to celebrate that uniqueness, to look at and appreciate everyday objects and nature that surround us; to dress the streets with boldness and energy. 

Some of our banners include: 

  • Belfast city banners
    Over 300 images, taken by local community groups, provided the selection from which the final 12 banner patterns where chosen. The inspiration and story behind each design can be found at 
  • Christmas banners
    Our City Matters magazine asked residents to get involved in our city dressing campaign by entering a competition that would inspire a Christmas collection of patterns. 
  • Gaeltacht Quarter banners
  • Titanic Quarter banners

The aims of the project

City dressing and presentation is a key theme in our Belfast Integrated Strategic Tourism Framework 2010 – 2014, which aims to grow visitor numbers by 40 per cent to 2.38 million in 2014. 

The aims of the banners are to: 

  • offer a warm Belfast welcome to our visitors
  • enhance local people's knowledge and understanding of the city's cultural heritage and future
  • create interest across different parts of the city
  • instil pride in our citizens and communities
  • create an atmosphere of jubilation and special occasion across the city
  • create interest about different parts of the city
  • instil pride in our citizens and communities.


This project has been developed in partnership with: 

  • Visit Belfast
  • Belfast City Centre Management
  • Department for Regional Development Roads Service
  • Department for Social Development.

More information

To book any of the banner sites to promote events and initiatives, please contact: 

Belfast City Centre Management 
Telephone: 028 9024 2111

Contact us
Tourism, culture and arts
028 9027 0426
Development Department
Cecil Ward Building
4-10 Linenhall Street