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Public art

The remarkable regeneration of Belfast in recent years owes much to an ever-increasing variety of public art that has helped to transform the physical landscape of the city.

But public art can achieve much more than simply visual impact. It can make us think about the places in which we live and visit and help us understand their character and heritage. It can help communities discover a sense of identity and explore and express their values. Public art can also inspire us, challenge assumptions and heighten our appreciation of public space.

We have a vast wealth of public art: over 150 pieces. We are working to co-ordinate public art in the city to ensure it is distinctive, inspiring and attractive to audiences.


RISE is a landmark artwork located at Broadway Roundabout, one of the main gateways to the city. It is the biggest public art sculpture in Belfast. The sculpture's two globes, cast in white steel, symbolise the rising of the sun and new hope for Belfast's future. It aims to help revitalise Belfast, bringing a new focus to the area and projecting a vibrant, confident image of the city.


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