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Heritage in Belfast

We are working to unlock Belfast’s rich heritage, which includes historic buildings, parks and archaeology.

Heritage is about more than historic buildings; it is about discovering our past and placing a value on the culture, places and knowledge which we have inherited. These are a big part of what makes us who we are.

We have restored many key buildings and areas, including the Ulster Hall, St George's Market, the Albert Clock, Belfast Castle and the Gasworks. Belfast boasts over 250 listed buildings, ranging from linen mills, warehouses, churches, schools and modest red brick terraces to large public buildings, such as the Edwardian City Hall at the heart of the city. There are 14 conservation areas and 80 Areas of Townscape Character, as well as historic parks which provide vital amenity spaces. These local landmarks help tell the story of the city, contributing to a collective identity and sense of well being.

Belfast Heritage Forum

We are helping the Belfast Heritage Forum, a network where organisations with an interest in the city's heritage can meet and exchange information.

As well as the public sector bodies who are involved with heritage, we’d like smaller heritage and community groups to get involved.

Several small groups (not necessarily heritage groups) are already doing valuable work; we want to create a forum where groups can share good practice and common problems.

Get involved

If you’d like your organisation to get involved, please contact us.

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