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Transforming leisure

We’re investing £105 million over the next ten years to improve our leisure centres, programmes and services. This is a unique opportunity to improve the health and wellbeing of our city, by delivering a quality service that meets the needs of our communities.

This investment forms part of our £325 million physical investment programme and includes areas that have became part of the Belfast City Area in 2015 through Local Government Reform.

We're keen that each of the developments offer a unique selling point (USP) which will encourage people to move across the city to use the different facilities.

Centre USPs

Andersonstown family fun leisure water  Watch our virtual fly-through video
Avoniel  outdoor sports   
Brook  outdoor sports Watch our virtual fly-through video
Girdwood  indoor arena   
Olympia  sports village  Watch our virtual fly-through video
Lisnasharragh   aquatic centre  Watch our virtual fly-through video
Templemore heritage preservation  
Girdwood Phase II (to be confirmed)  


In addition to the capital redevelopment, leisure centres (excluding Templemore Baths) are now managed by GLL under the Better brand. GLL is a non-profit distributing organisation (NPDO) with vast experience of leisure facility management. This new business model will help deliver efficiencies, fresh programming, greater outreach, improved facilities and new opportunities for staff.

Timescales for delivery

Construction work on our capital redevelopments is taking place in distinct phases to minimise disruption to our services.

The first phase of this programme focused on the development of Olympia Leisure Centre.

The redevelopment of Andersonstown Leisure Centre, Brook Activity Centre and Lisnasharragh Leisure Centre) sites make up the current phase of work. Construction at Andersonstown and Lisnasharragh Leisure Centre started in September 2017. Work at Brook started in early 2018.

Once work has completed at Lisnasharragh Leisure Centre we will then start work to redevelop Avoniel and to restore and extend Templemore Baths

The final facility planned under the Leisure Transformation Programme is a new centre at the Girdwood Community Hub in the north of the city, in partnership with Department for Communities. The USP for this centre has still to be decided.