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Park events

Public consultation - Green and Blue Infrastructure Plan and Belfast Open Spaces Strategy

Have your say until 6 September 2019 on two new strategies that will shape our long-term approach to managing and investing in our parks, open spaces, rivers and lakes.

What's on in our parks

What's on in our parks is your essential guide to all the vibrant, cultural and festival events within our city parks and open spaces. 


7 Apr 2019-28 Sep 2019
Music in the Parks
12 May 2019-15 Sep 2019
Walking in the park
26 May 2019-29 Sep 2019
Parks Jazz
28 Jun 2019-30 Aug 2019

Tropical Ravine
6 Sep 2019-6 Dec 2019
Child at Autumn fair.
14 Sep 2019-15 Sep 2019

Wild musrooms in an autumnal park
10 Oct 2019

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