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Ormeau Park walking route


This route explores an historic parkland overlooking the River Lagan on surfaced paths with some hills and slopes.

Distance 1.25 miles, 2.8km
Average time to walk 40 - 50 minutes
Access by bus Metro services: 7 to Ormeau Road or 78-79 to Ravenhill Road, 0.6 miles (0.9km) and 0.4 miles (0.65km) from the starting point.
Access by car Car Park at the Indoor Tennis Centre and Ozone Complex – entrance off Ormeau Embankment.

Trail Route

Beginning at the car park beside the Indoor Tennis Centre and Ozone Complex, take the tree-lined path to the right of the Tennis Centre and Ozone complex, past the all-weather pitches.

Keep right at the next two junctions.  Continue along this path past mature trees and woodland copses (1).  You will reach a crossroads; notice the green post labelled E9 92).  Go straight on.  You will pass the former Superintendent’s House (3) within a garden on your left.  

Continue on until you pass a small shelter.  Ahead will be two roads, take the second one on the right.  This leads to the outside of the former walled garden (4).  

Turn left, keeping the wall on your right, and then left again on to the main path leading from the entrance to the service yard.  Follow this path.  You will see the bandstand on your right (5).  Follow the path on your right which leads past a second shelter, some flower beds and mature conifer trees.  Just beyond these on your right is a small wildflower meadow. 

Continue past a triangular rose bed on your left, but veer left at the next triangular flower bed, in which there stands a bell (6) on a post.  

Take the next right and then left to return to the car park.

Things of Interest

  • Trees (1) There are trees from many different Northern Hemisphere countries growing in Ormeau Park. These include an oriental plane from the Balkans, contorted willows from China, Cedars from Lebanon and maples from North America.
  • Ecotrail (2) This is an educational (ecotrail) and an orienteering route through the park, for which there is a guide pack.  Visit for more information.  
  • Superintendent’s House (3) This Victorian house was built for the park superintendent, who originally lived at the property.
  • Walled garden (4) This walled garden, which now contains a recycling centre and bowling greens, was originally associated with Ormeau House in the time of the Donegalls.  Parts of the wall are original and other sections have been repaired. 
  • Bandstand (5) The bandstand is a good example of what was a common feature of Victorian parks.
  • Bell (6) It was once the custom to ring a bell in Public Parks to indicate closing time. 

Look out for 

  • Jays, as they fly from tree to tree
  • Wild flowers in the meadows area and around the woodland plantings 
  • The Park Run distance markers and people doing Park Run on every Saturday.  Visit for more information. 
  • Play parks
  • Outdoor Gym fitness stations

Find out more about the history of the park and the opening hours on our Ormeau Park page.

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