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Just Eat Belfast Bikes

Coronavirus update

In response to Covid 19, we have suspended our rent a bike service across Belfast until further notice. All bikes have been removed from our stations.

Annual members

Your membership will be frozen throughout this period. Once we are up and running again, we will extend your membership to cover the time for which operations were suspended.

If you have any questions regarding your account, please contact Belfast Bikes customer service team on 034 3357 1551 or email

Thank you to our members and our customers for your cooperation at this time.

If you're a front-line worker and require access to a Just Eat Belfast Bike to travel to your work, please contact the Belfast Bikes service team and they will do their best to help.

About Belfast Bikes

Belfast Bikes offers you a new, low cost, healthy and convenient way to travel for quick trips around the city. You can register for annual membership at for only £25

Belfast Bikes are used by:

  • residents: to travel to work, go shopping, go somewhere different for lunch or visit friends
  • tourists: to visit the city's attractions
  • students: as a cheap and easy way to travel
  • commuters: to cycle to and from the bus stop, car park or train station to their workplace.


Just Eat, a leading global marketplace for online food delivery, is the new sponsor for the Belfast Bikes public bike share scheme. 

Docking station locations

We have over 46 docking stations linking up city.

Renting a Belfast bike

It's easy to rent a Belfast bike once you've registered for the scheme.

Simply use the Nextbike app, scan your Belfast Bikes card at the docking terminal or call the hotline on 034 3357 1551.


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Our aim is to encourage cycling as a local transport solution for a number of reasons:

  • it's one of the most sustainable modes of transport, helping to reduce car usage and congestion and therefore improving the environment
  • cycling represents a cheap and efficient means of travel
  • the scheme is improving access around the city for residents, visitors and business users
  • it's helping improve health of users by encouraging people to integrate exercise into their daily transport
  • cycling is helping people save money on fuel as it's a cheap and efficient means of travel.

Charge to users

For membership options, you can choose to either pay £25 for an annual subscription, or £6 for three-day casual use. The first 30 minutes of each trip is free of charge, while after 30 minutes there are small incremental charges.

You can also register your details and select the pay as you go option if you don’t want to commit to a membership. The usage charge for pay as you go is £1 per half hour.


Belfast Bikes won the Best Integrated Community Hub award at the Cycle Planning Awards 2016.


The Department for Regional Development (DRD) provided initial capital funding for the scheme as part of their Active Travel Demonstration Projects budget.

NSL is looking after the daily operation of the scheme, while Nextbike is responsible for the bikes.

Contact us
Place and Economy Department
028 9027 0387
4th floor, 9 Adelaide
9-21 Adelaide Street