Belfast Events Upcoming events in Belfast over the next 14 days Copyright (c) Belfast City Council. All rights reserved. en 1440 <![CDATA[Halloween Monster Mash]]> <![CDATA[Murder Mystery – Come die with me at Belfast Castle]]> <![CDATA[Take 5 steps to wellbeing in Cave Hill Country Park]]> <![CDATA[Cave Hill by Night]]> <![CDATA[Tea dance in Botanic Bowling Pavilion]]> <![CDATA[The Bohemian Bazaar – Holistic lifestyle and artisan crafts fair]]> <![CDATA[Deep RiverRock Belfast City Half Marathon]]> <![CDATA[Park Walks 2018: 'Around the Estate']]> <![CDATA[Culture Night Belfast]]> <![CDATA[Living Library]]> <![CDATA[Proms in the Park Northern Ireland]]> <![CDATA[Fawlty Towers dining experience]]> <![CDATA[Bats of Cave Hill]]> <![CDATA[Belfast Mela 2018]]> <![CDATA[Park Walks 2018: 'Down in the Hollow']]> <![CDATA[Bring your grandparents to the park]]> <![CDATA[Butterflies of Cave Hill]]> <![CDATA[Mini Moon]]> <![CDATA[Black Moon]]> <![CDATA[Celebrating ten years of Late Night Art – Belfast’s best kept secret]]> <![CDATA[Workshop to develop digital skills]]> <![CDATA[Kevin and Karen Dance - The live tour 2018]]> <![CDATA[Cave Hill Adventurous Playground - Family Fun Day]]> <![CDATA[Science Festival: ‘Under the Lens’ Scientific Art with Jennifer Delaney]]> <![CDATA[The flora of Cave Hill]]> <![CDATA[Belfast Orangefest 12th July celebrations]]> <![CDATA[Aghalee Art Club in the Higgin Gallery]]> <![CDATA[Bing Live!]]> <![CDATA[Ultimate Strongman Master World Championship 2018]]> <![CDATA[School's out at Girdwood Community Hub]]> <![CDATA[Park Walks 2018: 'Off to the Tropics']]> <![CDATA[The Belfast City International Tennis Federation (ITF) Junior Championship 2018]]> <![CDATA[Teddy Bears' picnic]]> <![CDATA[Science Festival: Botanic Foraging]]> <![CDATA[Science Festival: Children’s (10- 16 yrs) Tropical Art with Lisa and Brian Ballard]]> <![CDATA[Repair Café Belfast]]> <![CDATA[Science Festival: Tropical Plant Art with Lisa and Brian Ballard]]> <![CDATA[Forage on Cave Hill]]> <![CDATA[Sir Robert Salisbury: The Field Of Dreams]]> <![CDATA[Irish Writers Centre Takin The Mic: Read At The Ravine]]> <![CDATA[Belsonic at Ormeau Park]]> <![CDATA[Global Peace Index Launch 2018]]> <![CDATA[Flowers at the Frontline – a talk with Frances Green]]> <![CDATA[ParkLife June: Super Saturday Club]]> <![CDATA[Open Day and Alzheimer’s Society Fundraiser]]> <![CDATA[City Hall grounds exhibition: Music and photography]]> <![CDATA[Youth Exchange Voyage]]> <![CDATA[The Big Lunch at Belfast Castle]]> <![CDATA[The Big Lunch]]> <![CDATA[Evening Fun at Marrowbone]]> <![CDATA[Park Walks 2018: 'Into the Woods']]> <![CDATA[European Neighbours day]]> <![CDATA[3 Cities Festival Voyage]]> <![CDATA[Family Fun Day and Dog Show at Cherryvale]]> <![CDATA[Murder Mystery – Come die with me at Belfast Castle]]> <![CDATA[Lawrence Chambers in the Higgin Gallery]]> <![CDATA[Music in the Parks: Festival of Champions]]> <![CDATA[Nature Frenzy Fun Day]]> <![CDATA[Teddy Bears' picnic]]> <![CDATA[All physical abilities voyage]]> <![CDATA[Compost Awareness Week]]> <![CDATA[Dawn Chorus at Cave Hill]]> <![CDATA[ParkLife May: Mini-Beasts in Your Park]]> <![CDATA[Belfast Castle illuminated]]> <![CDATA[Tropical Ravine: May]]> <![CDATA[Park Walks 2018: 'Up through the Glen']]> <![CDATA[A Voyage for Carers]]> <![CDATA[Murder - Just What the Doctor Ordered]]> <![CDATA[Tall Ship Voyages]]> <![CDATA[Repair Cafe]]> <![CDATA[Spring Fair and Flower Show]]> <![CDATA[Spring Online: Digital support sessions (FULLY BOOKED)]]> <![CDATA[Tea dance in Botanic Bowling Pavilion]]> <![CDATA[Freedom of the City ceremony]]> <![CDATA[Spring into Girdwood]]> <![CDATA[ParkLife April: Sensory Spring]]> <![CDATA[Tropical Ravine: April]]> <![CDATA[Belfast Guitar Night Presents Adrian Nation]]> <![CDATA[The Sing For Life Get Creative Concert]]> <![CDATA[Age-friendly Belfast Punjana St Patrick’s Day Tea Dance]]> <![CDATA[St Patrick's Belfast City Cemetery Walking Tours]]> <![CDATA[Only Fools and 3 Courses - Comedy Disco Dinner at Belfast Castle]]> <![CDATA[Vital Nutrition Cookery Workshop]]> <![CDATA[ParkLife March: Be Prepared for Spring]]> <![CDATA[Illuminated daffodils at Belfast Castle]]> <![CDATA[Open day at Girdwood Community Hub]]> <![CDATA[Murder Mystery – Come die with me at Belfast Castle]]> <![CDATA[Zooper Wildlife Champions]]> <![CDATA[Science behind the zoo]]> <![CDATA[Great highland bagpiping]]> <![CDATA[ParkLife February: Heart Your Park]]> <![CDATA[Branagh in Belfast]]> <![CDATA[Workshop: “Confronting evil: How ordinary people commit genocide and mass killing” - FULLY BOOKED]]> <![CDATA[Be Prepared Event and Open Day]]> <![CDATA[Age-friendly Community Centre Tea Dances]]> <![CDATA[Decade of Centenaries]]> <![CDATA[Make it digital]]> <![CDATA[Bridal open day at Belfast Castle]]> <![CDATA[Bridal open day at Malone House]]> <![CDATA[ParkLife January: Feathered Friends]]>