Belfast Events Upcoming events in Belfast over the next 14 days Copyright (c) Belfast City Council. All rights reserved. en 1440 <![CDATA[Christmas in the Park]]> <![CDATA[Dippy on Tour: Explorer Goggles]]> <![CDATA[Workshop: Measuring social impact]]> <![CDATA[18 - Commemorating the Suffrage Centenary]]> <![CDATA[Christmas lights switch-on]]> <![CDATA[Workshop: How to get the best out of social media]]> <![CDATA[Introduction to Tendering]]> <![CDATA[Dippy on Tour: Dino Family Masks]]> <![CDATA[Halloween Monster Mash]]> <![CDATA[Castle Street Evening Fair]]> <![CDATA[Positive Ageing Month: Ravine music session]]> <![CDATA[Britain in Bloom 2018]]> <![CDATA[Meet the HMS Caroline crew]]> <![CDATA[Positive Ageing Month: Songwriting the Ravine workshop]]> <![CDATA[BEN – Social Media vs Website]]> <![CDATA[Positive Ageing Month: Battles of Predators and Pests at the Ravine]]> <![CDATA[Workshop: Planning and making money in social enterprise]]> <![CDATA[Positive Ageing Month: Plant Propagation with Botanic Gardeners]]> <![CDATA[Slipped Disco]]> <![CDATA[Forest School training]]> <![CDATA[Positive Ageing Month: Miniature garden making]]> <![CDATA[Murder Mystery – Come die with me at Belfast Castle]]> <![CDATA[Big Quiz]]> <![CDATA[Employee mental health and wellbeing – an expense or an investment?]]> <![CDATA[Take 5 steps to wellbeing in Cave Hill Country Park]]> <![CDATA[Cave Hill by Night]]> <![CDATA[Marie Curie information day]]> <![CDATA[Silver Sunday at the Ravine]]> <![CDATA[Tea dance in Botanic Bowling Pavilion]]> <![CDATA[City Start Up – Retail Therapy workshop]]> <![CDATA[Age-friendly Belfast Convention 2018]]> <![CDATA[The Bohemian Bazaar – Holistic lifestyle and artisan crafts fair]]> <![CDATA[Un-EAT-en at the Barge]]> <![CDATA[Workshop: Business planning – Navigating the Social Enterprise journey]]> <![CDATA[Belfast Hospitality Careers and Job Fair]]> <![CDATA[Deep RiverRock Belfast City Half Marathon]]> <![CDATA[Park Walks 2018: 'Around the Estate']]> <![CDATA[International Day of Peace 2018: The right to peace]]> <![CDATA[Belfast Music @ Culture Night]]> <![CDATA[Culture Night Belfast]]> <![CDATA[EPiC (Enterprise Promotion in Communities) sessions]]> <![CDATA[Living Library]]> <![CDATA[Shakespeare Songs]]> <![CDATA[Giant Water Lily Crafts]]> <![CDATA[Autumn Fair]]> <![CDATA[IF workshop: Sales growth on your doorstep]]> <![CDATA[Bounce Arts Festival]]> <![CDATA[New masterclass: Making money from your intellectual property]]> <![CDATA[NI Chamber Annual Networking Conference and Business Showcase]]> <![CDATA[European Heritage Open Days at City Hall]]> <![CDATA[Open Heritage Belfast Weekend]]> <![CDATA[European Heritage Open Days at the Tropical Ravine]]> <![CDATA[Proms in the Park Northern Ireland]]> <![CDATA[Face of Skills Northern Ireland Competition]]> <![CDATA[Fawlty Towers dining experience]]> <![CDATA[Belfast International Tattoo]]> <![CDATA[Bats of Cave Hill]]> <![CDATA[Go-2-Tender two-day workshop]]> <![CDATA[Molto Vivo Gig @Atypical Gallery]]> <![CDATA[Celebrating ten years of Late Night Art – Belfast’s best kept secret]]> <![CDATA[Black Moon]]> <![CDATA[Family Fun Day at the Waterworks]]> <![CDATA[Rhythm and Blues meets the Ulster Orchestra]]> <![CDATA[Focal Festival]]> <![CDATA[Fifty - Music and Arts Social]]> <![CDATA[Models of governance for social enterprises and co-operatives]]> <![CDATA[Drive By Shooting Street Opera]]> <![CDATA[Employability and skills stakeholder information session]]> <![CDATA[Belfast Mela 2018]]> <![CDATA[Park Walks 2018: 'Down in the Hollow']]> <![CDATA[Do you Hear What I Hear? Sound Walking Tour]]> <![CDATA[Mini Moon]]> <![CDATA[Face painting at St George's Market]]> <![CDATA[Undergrowth - 24hr Festival]]> <![CDATA[Féile An Droichead at Rosemary Street Presbyterian Church]]> <![CDATA[Good Vibrations: The musical pop-up performances]]> <![CDATA[Floral Hall comes to City Hall]]> <![CDATA[Belfast boys summer sessions]]> <![CDATA[Full Moon Festival]]> <![CDATA[Shrouds of the Somme exhibition]]> <![CDATA[Bring your grandparents to the park]]> <![CDATA[Summer Youth Voyages]]> <![CDATA[Caribbean Social at Writers Square]]> <![CDATA[Andersonstown Summer Street Fair]]> <![CDATA[World’s Largest Human Poppy]]> <![CDATA[The Great Belfast Busk Off]]> <![CDATA[Gig-sitter]]> <![CDATA[Elevate - Morning Rave]]> <![CDATA[Butterflies of Cave Hill]]> <![CDATA[Hex Hue at the Tropical Ravine]]> <![CDATA[Belfast Confetti - Summer Recital]]> <![CDATA[5k Family Fun Run]]> <![CDATA[Live music at the Belfast Barra Community Market]]> <![CDATA[Titanic Dance]]> <![CDATA[Vault Artist Studios gig night]]> <![CDATA[Respect Human Rights Film Festival]]> <![CDATA[Global Music School]]> <![CDATA[The World as we See it]]> <![CDATA[Summer Dingy Sailing Experience]]> <![CDATA[Pre Market Engagement / Information Session – T1903 Tender for the delivery of the Belfast Full Fibre Programme – Asset Reuse]]>