Belfast Events Upcoming events in Belfast over the next 14 days Copyright (c) Belfast City Council. All rights reserved. en 1440 <![CDATA[Christmas in the Park]]> <![CDATA[Irish Cultural and Linguistic Experience]]> <![CDATA[DiverseCity: Indian Community Centre]]> <![CDATA[DiverseCity: Discover Ulster-Scots, History and Cultural Experience]]> <![CDATA[DiverseCity: Visit to Belfast Jewish Synagogue]]> <![CDATA[Fungal Foray]]> <![CDATA[DiverseCity: Visit to Belfast Islamic Centre]]> <![CDATA[Decades of Centenaries – Europe after World War 1, the Spanish flu pandemic]]> <![CDATA[Age-Friendly Belfast tea dance]]> <![CDATA[DiverseCity: Clifton Street Orange Hall]]> <![CDATA[Cave Hill by night]]> <![CDATA[DiverseCity: Facilitated tour of Milltown Cemetery]]> <![CDATA[Deep RiverRock Belfast City Half Marathon]]> <![CDATA[The archaeology of Cave Hill]]> <![CDATA[DiverseCity: Living Library]]> <![CDATA[Bats of Cave Hill]]> <![CDATA[Belfast Mela 2019]]> <![CDATA[Forage on Cave Hill]]> <![CDATA[Bring your grandparents to the park]]> <![CDATA[The flora of Cave Hill]]> <![CDATA[Summer Park Fun Days 2019]]> <![CDATA[Cooke Collegians Mela 2019]]> <![CDATA[Walk & Sketch in the City Parks 2019]]> <![CDATA[Edenderry Village Fair 2019]]> <![CDATA[International Community Picnic]]> <![CDATA[Solstice walk]]> <![CDATA[Summer wildflower walk]]> <![CDATA[Yes You Can Imagine It bootcamp]]> <![CDATA[Teddy Bear's picnic]]> <![CDATA[DiverseCity: Refugee and Arabic Cultural Information Session]]> <![CDATA[West Belfast Asian Carnival]]> <![CDATA[Belfast Book Festival]]> <![CDATA[A bug bonanza]]> <![CDATA[DiverseCity: Cultural Competence Workshop]]> <![CDATA[Summer Fayre]]> <![CDATA[Jazz in the Park]]> <![CDATA[Eco Education Event 2019]]> <![CDATA[DiverseCity: Facilitated tour of the National Football Stadium at Windsor Park]]> <![CDATA[The Slipped Disco]]> <![CDATA[Community Fun Day 2019]]> <![CDATA[The Big Lunch - Mad Hatter's Tea Party]]> <![CDATA[Decades of Centenaries – Labour must wait]]> <![CDATA[Guided Walk]]> <![CDATA[The Brickie]]> <![CDATA[Belfast Pretty Muddy Kids 5k]]> <![CDATA[Belfast Pretty Muddy 5k]]> <![CDATA[Beach in the Park]]> <![CDATA[Eastside Play Day]]> <![CDATA[Living History Event]]> <![CDATA[DiverseCity: An introduction to sexual orientation and gender]]> <![CDATA[Developing a ‘pitch’]]> <![CDATA[Decades of Centenaries – Belfast and Europe after World War 1]]> <![CDATA[Look Closer – Digital Botanical Art]]> <![CDATA[The birds of Cave Hill]]> <![CDATA[Netball NI Fundrasier]]> <![CDATA[Absolutely Fabulous at Belfast Castle]]> <![CDATA[How to get the best out of social media]]> <![CDATA[DiverseCity: Mural and Peace Wall Tour]]> <![CDATA[Teddy Bear's picnic]]> <![CDATA[Summer scheme registration day]]> <![CDATA[Belfast Hills- Mindful Woodland Walking]]> <![CDATA[Festival of Champions]]> <![CDATA[Botanic goes Jurassic]]> <![CDATA[Bats About Belfast]]> <![CDATA[DiverseCity: The Bonfire tradition]]> <![CDATA[Belfast Castle illuminated]]> <![CDATA[Deep RiverRock Belfast City Marathon]]> <![CDATA[Dawn Chorus at Cave Hill]]> <![CDATA[Unanimous – youth dance platform]]> <![CDATA[Forage in the Forest]]> <![CDATA[Spring Fayre]]> <![CDATA[Carr's Glen]]> <![CDATA[Titanic commemoration service]]> <![CDATA[East Belfast Community Celebration Event]]> <![CDATA[The Lord Mayor’s Day]]> <![CDATA[Easter Tea Dance]]> <![CDATA[Digital Learning Day]]> <![CDATA[Belfast Film Festival 2019]]> <![CDATA[Belfast Employment Academies - local roadshows]]> <![CDATA[Palm House History Harvest]]> <![CDATA[Measuring social impact]]> <![CDATA[Your Belfast circus shows]]> <![CDATA[A Journal of Botany]]> <![CDATA[Learning from the Decade of Centenaries]]> <![CDATA[DiverseCity: The Living Book Library]]> <![CDATA[Career pathways and jobs information drop-in]]> <![CDATA[Imagine Belfast: festival of ideas and politics 2019]]> <![CDATA[Your Belfast 'pop-up' performances]]> <![CDATA[Accessing council services online]]> <![CDATA[BEN: Speed networking]]> <![CDATA[Dino Day]]> <![CDATA[Creative Cafés]]> <![CDATA[Age Friendly Belfast St Patrick's Day Teadance]]> <![CDATA[Spar Craic 10k]]> <![CDATA[St Patrick's Day carnival parade and concert]]> <![CDATA[St Patrick’s Day parade – call out for participants]]> <![CDATA[Sport taster sessions]]> <![CDATA[#YourBelfast dancing and performances]]> <![CDATA[#YourBelfast dancing and performances]]> <![CDATA[St Patrick’s weekend at St George's Market]]>