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*fully booked* Purposeful marketing for the here and now

Date: 28 May 2020
Time: 10am until 11.30am

This event is fully booked.

This free online workshop will show you how to compose and progress a purposeful marketing agenda during coronavirus (COVID-19). The workshop is designed for early stage, micro and small businesses to help you understand marketing.

Christine Watson, a chartered marketer, will give the workshop and cover:

• an introduction to marketing with purpose
• how businesses can adequately assess their external environment
• insights from local and international small and large businesses successfully delivering marketing with purpose
• examples of businesses that pivot
• guidance on market driven decision-making
• how marketing works
• Moving Forward: Marketing Planning for the Here and Now
• where to get help to compose and progress a purposeful marketing agenda
• commitments and next steps
• questions and answers

Writing and progressing a purposeful marketing agenda

Free, register to attend online

Strictly over 18

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