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Lord Mayor

Nuala McAlister -  Lord Mayor The current Lord Mayor of Belfast is Councillor Nuala McAllister (Alliance). 

Councillor McAllister was elected to office on 1 June 2017.

A former business officer for the Alliance Party at Stormont, Councillor McAllister represents the Castle electoral area.

The 28-year-old, from the north of the city, is taking the theme ‘Global Belfast' throughout her term.

Duties and responsibilities

As Lord Mayor of Belfast, Councillor Nuala McAllister has a number of duties and responsibilities:

  • presiding over council meetings and, in the case of equality of votes, she has a second or casting vote
  • promoting and raising awareness of the council’s main objectives and priority issues
  • encouraging and supporting all aspects of life in Belfast by attending civic and public events
  • receiving distinguished visitors to the city
  • acting as host on behalf of the council and the citizens of Belfast at civic functions
  • acting as a spokesperson to the local, national and international media
  • providing an appropriate response on behalf of Belfast at times of local, national and international catastrophe
  • supporting and encouraging charitable and other appeals as appropriate
  • promoting Belfast's business, commercial, cultural and social life
  • promoting Belfast as a place of excellence in which to do business and as a tourist destination.

Addressing the Lord Mayor

If you are speaking in public and would like to welcome or introduce the Lord Mayor, the usual form of address is simply 'Lord Mayor'. For example, "and so, I'd like to welcome Councillor Nuala McAllister, Lord Mayor of Belfast."

If you are speaking to the Lord Mayor in conversation, the correct title remains 'Lord Mayor'.

If you would like to write to the Lord Mayor, you should address your letter to 'the Right Honourable, the Lord Mayor, Councillor Nuala McAllister'. You can also abbreviate this to 'Rt Hon, the Lord Mayor, Councillor Nuala McAllister'.

You should also begin your letter with 'Dear Lord Mayor'.

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