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Equality and Rural Needs analysis

We're committed to applying screening methods to all new and revised policies. And where necessary and appropriate, we'll subject new policies to further equality impact assessments.

Our screening reports include all policies recently screened and include the decisions reached. These are carried out at different times during the year, as and when the integration and development of new council policies takes place.

We also have a statutory duty under the Rural Needs Act (NI) 2016 to consider rural needs in the development of new policies, plans or strategies and in any service design or delivery decisions. 

For reports before 2013, please contact the Equality and Diversity officer on 028 9027 0663 or email

October to December 2019

Corporate Plan 2020 - 2024

Customer Focus Programme

Open Spaces and Streetscene Service

Boodle's Dam

July to September 2019

Development of an Open Spaces and Streetscene (OSS) Structure leading to restructuring of current Parks and Street Cleansing Services, leading to service improvements

Waterworks Pitches (Westland)

April to June 2019

Corporate CCTV Policy

Flying of the Rainbow Flag on Pride Day - Saturday 3 August 2019

Health and Wellbeing Strategy 2018-2021

Planning application recommendation for office development at Stewart Street, Belfast

January to March 2019

Achieving Through People Framework

An Aquatics Strategy for Belfast 2018-2030

Belfast Green and Blue Infrastructure Plan

Buddy Scheme Guidance

Workplace Policy on Domestic Violence and Abuse

Disability Action Plan 2019-2022

Draft Developer Contributions Framework – A guide to developer contributions and planning agreements

New staff rotas at Belfast Zoo from April 2019

October to December 2018

Amateur Boxing Strategy for Belfast 2012-2022 - additional funding to IABA to deliver action plans for 17/18 and 18/19

Belfast Planning Service Structural Review Voluntary Alignment Process for Staff on NICS Terms & Conditions

The decision of the People and Communities Committee on 6th November 2018 to approve an application by Radius Housing Association for a dual language street nameplate to be erected at Rose Street, prior to the Rose Street development being fully occupied

Language Strategy Action Plan October 2018 - March 2020

Illuminate Project – Access to colour-wash facilities on City Hall façade

April to September 2018

Age-friendly Belfast Plan 2018-2021

Belfast Inner North West Masterplan

Belfast Region City Deal (BRCD) Outline Proposal

The introduction of a Stacked Wheelie Box recycling scheme to households in Belfast

Proposal to fill permanent posts by internal trawl 

Stadium Community Benefits Initiative

October 2017 to March 2018

Decision to cease the practice of providing child care vouchers when an employee who is on maternity leave is receiving SMP only or no pay

Draft Policy on Linguistic Diversity

Corporate Plan 2017-2021: Year 2 Update and Improvement Plan 2018-2019

Belfeast: Food and Drink Festival

East Bank Development Strategy: Stages 1 and 2 

January to September 2017

City Hall Cenotaph - Upgrading, Refurbishment, Restoration and Enhancement

Ban on Food Waste in Black Bins

International relations framework 2017-2021

Shared Parental Leave Policy

Belfast City Council Volunteer Policy

October to December 2016

Belfast City Local Development Plan (LDP) 2035 

April to September 2016

Changes to bereavement policy

GLLs membership and pricing architecture for Belfast

Soccer grass pitch allocation policy

Forthriver Innovation Centre

Twilight Market

Belfast Waterfront Convention and Exhibition Centre - Operating Model

January to March 2016

Statement of Community Involvement (SCI)

Linen Quarter

Shared Parental Leave

Advertising requirements for planning applications

October to December 2015

Environmental Improvements

Use of Social Clauses in Council Contracts

Disciplinary and Grievance

Attendance Policy

May to September 2015

Disability Strategy and Action Plan

Equality Action Plan

Partnership Agreements

Wheelie Box Recycling

January to April 2015

Staging of the Tall Ships Races

Disability Strategy and Action Plan

Employability and Skills Strategy

Belfast Integrated Tourism Strategy

Castlereagh Kerbside Recycling Scheme

Get Belfast Reading Project

Belfast Corporate Plan

Variation to pricing policy for 3G pitch provision at Brook Activity Centre

October to December 2014

Review of the advertising requirements for Entertainment Licensing applications

Local Government Reform Boundary Extension

Achieve Belfast Bursary Fund

Procurement Strategy

Online Grants Application System

Policy on the use of Social Clauses in Council Contracts Final

Introduction of a new kerbside recycling scheme for the collection of glass from households in outer Belfast

Belfast City Centre Regeneration and Investment Plan

May to September 2014

Connswater Community Greenway

Age Friendly Belfast

Belfast Welcome Centre

Good Relations Action Plan

Revision of a good and harmonious work environment

Belfast resilience framework

Corporate GPS-based fleet tracking system

Leisure Transformation programme

    January to May 2014

    Centralisation of relevant grants

    Destination Belfast programme

    Public Bike Share Scheme

    Waste and recycling collection operational policy

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