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Corporate Plan and Annual Report

Corporate Plan 2017 - 2021

This is Belfast City Council’s corporate plan for the period 2017 - 2021, incorporating the improvement plan for 2017-18.

Community planning is a power that we've taken on as a result of local government reform. Public services will work together with communities to deliver real improvements for local people. 

We have lead the community planning process and worked with a wide range of partners, including representatives from the statutory, business, higher education, community and voluntary sectors, to develop a long-term plan to improve the social, economic and environmental wellbeing of the city.

Our community plan is known as the Belfast Agenda. Whilst developing the Belfast Agenda, we asked residents in Belfast to tell us what kind of city they want for the future and what we should be focusing on now to make this happen. People told us that they want a city that provides a high quality of life for everyone who lives here and for the city to be a great place to work, study, visit or set up and grow your business. 

In developing our corporate plan and improvement plan, our councillors have agreed that the priorities of the organisation should align to those within the Belfast Agenda, which has at its heart the idea of 'inclusive growth' for Belfast. 

As a result, the Corporate Plan and Improvement Plan focus largely on the four key pillars of the Belfast Agenda which aim to take forward programmes of both economic and social progress for the people and communities across the city. 

The document also contains a programme related to creating a 'fit for purpose' organisation, which includes:
  • customer focus
  • service improvement
  • organisational development, and 
  • the efficiency programme.

Consultation on our 2018 - 2019 Improvement Objectives

Under the Local Government Act (NI) 2014, councils in Northern Ireland are required, every year, to set one or more improvement objectives and to ensure arrangements are in place to deliver those objectives.  This is referred to as our “Duty to Improve”.  

As part of this duty, we must produce and publish an Improvement Plan that sets out our improvement objectives for the year ahead.  

This plan also explains: 

  • why we have chosen these improvement objectives
  • what we hope to achieve
  • what we will do, and 
  • how people will be better off as a result of our efforts.

Last year we developed a four year Corporate Plan which set out our corporate priorities for the period 2017 - 2021 and how, as a council, we will help deliver the shared ambitions for the city as set out in the Belfast Agenda.

We have drafted a Year 2 Update of this Corporate Plan and a draft Improvement Plan for 2018 - 2019. When choosing our improvement objectives for 2018 - 2019, we focused on the priorities that we believe provide a good cross-section of what we want to achieve for the city whilst also focusing on what people have told us matters most to them. 

Have your say

You can give us your views on the draft 2018 - 2019 Improvement Objectives by filling out our online consultation survey.

We will analyse the response, following the completion of this consultation process, and make the appropriate changes to the Improvement Plan and publish the final plan by 30 June 2018.

Improvement plan 2017 - 2018

The Local Government Act (Northern Ireland) 2014 introduced a duty on council to make arrangements to gain constant improvement when carrying out its functions. The council has a statutory obligation to publish an improvement plan setting out the council’s improvement objectives.  

The Northern Ireland Audit Office will be responsible for overseeing the implementation of this duty and will examine the planning process which the council uses to obtain their improvement objectives and its progress against them.  

The corporate plan therefore includes the council’s improvement plan, which clearly lays out our improvement objectives.  These improvements, as is the case with all our objectives, come from the council’s priorities. This was informed by a wide body of evidence, including a broad consultation process, which helped in the development of the Belfast Agenda and corporate plan.

If you have any further comments, particularly in terms of suggestions in respect of our improvement objectives for 2017/2018, or if you would like our corporate plan in a different format or have any other queries, please contact the Strategic Planning and Policy Team by calling 028 9027 0234 or emailing

Improvement plan 2017-18 - Performance Assessment - mid-year position (April - September 2017)

The following report provides a Mid-year Update on progress to date against our Improvement Plan 2017-18. It brings together an update on the 20 activities identified in our 2017-18 Plan that contribute to the achievement of our 6 improvement objectives. This report will be replaced by a year-end position no later than 30 June 2018.

Annual Report 2016 - 2017

In May 2016 we agreed our corporate plan for Belfast City Council.  Aligned to our emerging Belfast Agenda it set out our main areas of work articulated through 11 specific improvement objectives for the year ahead. 

To ensure that we achieve what we set out to do we monitor and manage how these objectives, and our many other aspirations, are progressing throughout the year.  This culminates in our Annual Report at year end which forms part of the evidence about how well we are doing and whether we are continuing to reflect the needs of citizens.

This Annual Report was submitted to SP&R on Friday 23rd June 2017 and ratified by Council in July.

Performance Improvement – Statutory Performance Indicators for local Councils 2016 - 2017

For the 2016-17 period each of the 11 Councils in Northern Ireland was required to collect seven ‘statutory indicators’ measuring specific activity in relation to economic development, planning applications and waste management.

Past corporate plans

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