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Language Strategy 2018-23

The principal language of Belfast City Council is English. However, we recognise the increasingly diverse nature of Belfast and Northern Ireland, and have taken steps to meet the demand for services in other languages. 

This began with the development of our Language Policy in 2006, and then the launch of our Language Strategy in 2018. The Strategy underpins future objectives and actions, while building on the legacy of our previous work. 

The Language Strategy commits the council to taking action on Irish; Ulster Scots; Newcomer Languages; Sign Languages and Languages and Communications for people with disabilities. The Strategy examines the use of these languages in the council’s engagement with residents and in signage, branding, forms, social media and our website.

If you would like to read the Language Strategy, a Citizens’ Summary of the Language strategy or an Easy Read version you can request to have these sent to you by emailing

Tá leagan Gaeilge den Straitéis ar fáil ón seoladh céanna.


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