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Sail Training Voyages 2018


Our vision is to engage with the young people of Belfast and to change lives by creating access to Sail Training Voyages for trainees from all abilities and various backgrounds.


  • promote active citizenship and increase the participation in civic life 
  • promote and support volunteering
  • health and wellbeing 
  • environment and climate change 
  • improve the key competencies and skills of young people 
  • increase the participation of young people with fewer opportunities 
  • promote intercultural learning and dialogue 
  • promote social inclusion and solidarity 
  • increased learning mobility and employability


We currently run programmes which recognise that outdoor education and sail training enhance the lives of young people regardless of their ability or background. Alongside our key public, private, voluntary and community partners we seek to support and energise communities to become more confident and to ensure the development of transferable skills that can be applied to future employment opportunities. Our aim is to tackle the ongoing challenges within neighbourhoods and ensure they are not left behind. In order to achieve this we will utilise the Belfast Employability & Skills Framework and the Community Services Delivery Model. Additionally we aim to promote inclusion and diversity and an acceptance of different backgrounds and abilities, improving and strengthening the collaboration between partner organisations and promoting young people’s confidence and willingness to participate actively in society.

Tall Ships Voyages:

A number of voyages on board tall ships are arranged with our lead partner from Sail Training Ireland. These voyages will vary in length from 2 – 14 day voyages and will visit ports and maritime festivals in Northern Ireland, UK mainland and Republic of Ireland. Here the young people will gain invaluable skills and qualifications such as the RYA Competent Crew and Erasmus + Youth Pass Qualification.


Event  Date   Age 
Sail The Classic Sailing Ship Brian Ború
Voyage 1: 15 - 21 July
Voyage 2: 22 July - 28 July
Voyage 1: 15 - 17
Voyage 2: 18 - 30
Summer Dingy Sailing Experience  4 and 5 August
9.30am - 2pm
12 noon - 4.30pm
Between 11 and 18
Summer Youth voyages Voyage 1: 20 August - 26 August
Voyage 2: 27 August - 2 September
Voyage 1: Under 21
Voyage 2: Under 25

Bursary, booking and fees information

Bursary scheme criteria
  1. Unless there are exceptional circumstances, the Bursary Funds are only available to those who have not taken part on a Sail Training Voyage organised by Belfast City Council before.
  2. All trainees must reside within the Belfast City Council area to qualify for the bursary.
  3. Trainees must be within the age range of the voyage on the start date of voyage.
  4. A bursary scheme form must be completed and submitted. A confirmation email must be received by the applicant to guarantee successful bursary. 

Confirmation of booking

  1. A ships booking form must be completed and place provisionally confirmed by Belfast City Council with fees being paid within two weeks to confirm birth on ship.
  2. If oversubscribed, voyage allocations will be allocated on a first come first served provided all the above information has been received and confirmation received. 

Bursary scheme and fees per voyage

  1. Tall Ship Taster Voyagse: Fee £200, bursary £170 - fee £30 per trainee.
  2. Tall Ship Carer Voyage: Fee £200, bursary £170 - fee £30 per carer.
  3. 3 Cities Festival Voyage: Fee £400, bursary £300 - fee £100 per trainee.
  4. Youth Exchange Voyages: Fee £400, bursary £300 - fee £100

Expression of interest

To reserve a place on these voyages please complete an expressions of interest form (PDF - 153KB) and email to or contact 

Stephen Tate
Community Development Officer 
City and Neighbourhood Services Department - Community Services Section
Cecil Ward Building
4-10 Linenhall Street

Photo gallery

This gallery shows photos of trainees who received their certificates at the Sail Training program celebration event. If you can’t see this gallery, visit

Sail Training Program Awards 2017 

More information

If you have any queries, please call Stephen Tate, Community Development Officer, on 028 9032 0202 ext 3584 or email


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Contact us
City and Neighbourhood Services Department - Community Services Section
028 9032 0202 ext 3584
Cecil Ward Building
4-10 Linenhall Street