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Nuisance calls

Last year measures were introduced to tackle unsolicited cold calls and messages.

The practice of the nuisance cold callers telephoning you to offer help to claim compensation for that ‘recent accident’ or 'mis-sold PPI' is now banned unless you previously opted-in to receiving such calls. 

Before the ban, we had to opt-out of receiving these calls by registering with the free Telephone Preference Service or withdrawing consent during the call. 

The new rules mean cold callers first have to check they have your consent before calling you. If you still receive unsolicited cold calls you can now report them to the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO). The ICO will investigate and can tack action against companies breaking the rules. These companies can face fines up to £500,000. 

Remember, you can still opt in to receiving these calls if you want to. Be aware that if you seek claims advice or enquire about settling a claim from claims companies they will seek your consent to contact you in future.

For more advice and guidance on what you can do about receiving unsolicited calls and messages read OFCOM's guidance.

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