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Investing in Belfast

Belfast is a city full of ambition, optimism, and above all, energy. As a talented, competitive and connected city, we’re the second fastest growing knowledge economy in the UK, with excellent digital infrastructure and thriving clusters of high growth companies. It’s no wonder that 75 per cent of businesses that locate in Belfast choose to re-invest.

Belfast is a city brimming with talent 

We’re one of the youngest cities in Europe with 41 per cent of our population under 30 years of age.

Innovation in our DNA

Innovation is part of Belfast’s DNA. From our history of shipbuilding to advanced engineering, Belfast is a city of creators and inventors.

Creative and Digital

Creativity is part of Belfast’s DNA. Whether it be the creation of television programming to state-of-the-art virtual and augmented reality, Belfast’s creative companies are making their mark globally.

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