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EUROCITIES is a network of major European cities that includes Belfast. It brings together the local governments of more than 140 large cities in over 30 European countries.

It influences and works with EU institutions to respond to common issues that impact the day-to-day lives of Europeans.

Its aim is to shape the opinions of stakeholders in Brussels to ultimately shift legislation in a way that helps city governments address the EU's strategic challenges at the local level.

A large part of its work is aimed at reinforcing the role and place that local government should have in a multi-level governance structure.

Based on the EU's three key challenges, EUROCITIES' policy priorities are:

  • climate
  • recovery
  • inclusion.

Feeding into these, the network's activities address a wide range of policies concerning economic development and cohesion policy, the provision of public services, climate change, energy and environment, transport and mobility, employment and social affairs, culture, education, information and knowledge society, as well as governance and international cooperation.

EUROCITIES provides a platform for its member cities to share knowledge and ideas, exchange experiences, analyse common problems and develop innovative solutions, through a wide range of forums, working groups, projects, activities and events.

It is committed to working towards a common vision of a sustainable future in which all citizens can enjoy a good quality of life. 

Visit Eurocities for further information on the Eurocities structure, thematic forums and working groups. 

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