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European Social Fund programmes

We match fund a number of European Social Fund projects (through the Northern Ireland European Social Fund 2014-2020 Investment for Jobs and Growth programme) across Belfast. 

The aim of the European Social Fund is to: 

  • combat poverty and enhance social inclusion by reducing economic inactivity.
  • increase the skills base of those currently in work and future potential participants in the workforce, a key area of priority outlined in the Belfast Agenda.
  • reduce unemployment and inactivity rates and contribute towards the rising employment rate of our council area. 

For many individuals, economic growth is gained through accessing a job and moving up the career ladder. Employment is a key route out of poverty.

We have established a partnership with the Urban Villages Initiative, which is led by the Executive Office (TEO), focuses on delivering the Together: Building a United Community (T:BUC) strategy across Belfast.

The following programmes are match funded by us and Urban Villages (The Executive Office)

Programme Description Contact 
Ashton Community Trust  The LEMIS+ Project is an employability programme for people who are unemployed and not in training and education and who live in the Belfast. It is a partnership of employment service providers (including: GEMS NI, East Belfast Mission, Job Assist Centre West Belfast and Job Assist Centre Greater Shankill).  This partnership is led by Ashton Community Trust, working collectively to deliver employability opportunities right across Belfast. The Project seeks to target those most removed from the labour market and get them back into employment.
Kevin Donaghy
028 90 742255
Ashton Centre,
5 Churchill Street
BT15 2BP

Workforce Training  

Path 2 Employment (P2E) is a project managed by Workforce Training Service as part of the European Social Fund. It is aimed at people who are aged 18 and over and are unemployed or economically inactive.

P2E engages with, motivates and trains unemployed or economically inactive individuals equipping them with transferable skills to secure permanent employment. By identifying barriers to employment, the programme helps develop skills to those from diverse backgrounds with little or no qualifications and returners to work. P2E is developing a network of socially responsible business to provide work opportunities and internships for the participants on P2E. 
Don Earley
028 9074 7676
Workforce Training
Antrim Road
BT15 3BS 
Springboard Opportunities
JobWorks+ is an employability programme aimed to meet the needs of young people aged 16-24 years who are not in education, employment or training. It provides a flexible framework of development pathways, which are tailored according to individual need and circumstance. The project will assist in the development of new skills, experiences and direction in order for young people to move forward with future aspirations.
Jenny Beattie
028 90315111
Springboard Opportunities,
Lourene House,
112-114 Donegall Street,

We match fund the following programmes.

 Programme Description Contact
The STRIDE programme offers people with disabilities who are out of work, the support to secure paid employment, education or training. The USEL (Ulster Supported Employment or Learning) team provide participants individually tailored programmes, including mentoring, employability skills, qualifications and experience in order to assist them into their chosen career. Both pre-employment and in-work support are provided for one year.  Mary McCann
028 9035 6600
182-188 Cambrai St
BT13 3JH

Specialisterne NI

The Recruit++ programme will support participants who are unemployed or economically inactive, and who are on the autistic spectrum to access employment, education and training through activities which reduce attitudinal and communication barriers and which support having a career and feeling socially connected.

Recruit++ activities include skills assessment, creating career networks for mentoring support, autism specialist coaching, and job seeking support.
Sharon Didrichsen
028 9073 9601
Specialisterne NI, Skainos,
239 Newtownards Road,
Co Antrim,

Contact us
Economic Development
028 9027 0482
4th floor, 9 Adelaide
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