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City for investment

We open doors for investors who want to do business in Belfast 

As a leading council, we offer a broad range of support for businesses or people, expanding their operations in Belfast or considering our city as an investment destination. Through our ‘soft landing service’, we proactively work with investors, providing professional and personal connections to help them do business in our city.

Our soft landing service includes:

  • a welcome service and access to networks
    We'll assist with a familiarisation visit of local businesses, housing, schools, colleges and universities, as well as providing an insight into Belfast’s social and cultural energy. 
  • planning service
    We can advise on pre-planning application discussions, planning performance agreements and local development plans, as well as introducing you to development engagement managers in our planning service.    
  • sector specific support and skills academies
    We can outline sector-specific support, citywide skills academies, upcoming career fairs, plus access to third party training providers.
  • supplier and supply chain opportunities
    We can give you access to meet-the-buyer events and local supply chain opportunities, as well as providing support on corporate social responsibility with neighbouring communities.
  • internationalisation and export opportunities
    We're proud of our ongoing Sister Cities relationships with Boston, Nashville and Shenyang, and continue to proactively develop these links.
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Why invest in Belfast?

Belfast is an accessible city with flexible innovative workspaces. You can also receive tailored induction support at our well-known Innovation Factory.

Assessing your needs

Complete a short questionnaire about your business support needs. Our team will assess your information and be in touch within three working days to outline the support available to you.

Contact us
Economic Development
028 9027 0482
4th floor, 9 Adelaide
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