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ECDL Advanced

The ECDL Advanced qualification is designed to progress your computer skills from European Computer Driving Licence (ECDL) to the next level of competence.

How advanced ECDL works

We offer courses and examinations for all our four Advanced ECDL modules:

  • Word Processing
  • Spreadsheets
  • Databases
  • PowerPoint.

A certificate will be awarded on successful completion of each module. ECDL Advanced will prove that an individual's competence with computer use is well above the basic skill level, and will help determine suitability for jobs involving a higher level of computer use.

Courses needed for examinations

The table below outlines the courses provided by Digital Services that will prepare you for the various Advanced ECDL examinations. 

ECDL module  Course 
Advanced Word Processing  Basic Word
Intermediate Word
Advanced Word 
Advanced Spreadsheets  Basic Excel
Intermediate Excel
Advanced Excel 
Advanced Databases  Basic Access
Intermediate Access
Advanced Access 
Presentations  Powerpoint
Advanced Powerpoint 

Exam schedule

To view full list of dates and any other information please click on the title of the exam.


Advanced Databases
19 Dec 2018   21 Mar 2019   12 Jun 2019            
Advanced Presentations
14 Dec 2018   27 Mar 2019   20 Jun 2019            
Advanced Spreadsheets
27 Nov 2018   19 Feb 2019   16 May 2019            
Advanced Wordprocessing
04 Dec 2018   06 Mar 2019   30 May 2019