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Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 (Advanced)

Course duration
1 1/2 days: Day 1 9.30am - 4.30pm, Day 2 9:30am - 12:30pm

Course description
The Advanced PowerPoint course introduces many of the more advanced tools available in Microsoft PowerPoint. It has been designed for users who are proficient in the functionality of Microsoft PowerPoint to help them realise the full potential of PowerPoint.
The Course covers various new topics including manipulating pictures, images or drawn objects, inserting sounds and movies with animation that play automatically, creating flow charts and the use of macros.

Course prerequisites:
Attendance on PowerPoint course
Knowledge of PowerPoint.

Check Points:
Can you apply custom animation settings to objects and slides?
Can you apply slide transition to slides?
Have you knowledge of using format painter to copy styles from one object to another?

Course agenda
Advanced PowerPoint Agenda (PDF - 10kb)

Course goals
Advanced PowerPoint Goals and Objectives (PDF - 20kb)

Course costs
External Attendees: £140 plus VAT per candidate.

Course dates