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Pay a fine

As we respond to coronavirus (COVID-19) many of our facilities, including The Cecil Ward Building, are closed to the public. 

You can pay a fine online for any fixed penalty issued for the offences listed below. If you are willing to pay a fixed penalty notice please read the instructions to complete the process.

We are unable to process the payment of any fixed penalty notice in person, by telephone or by post.

Pay a fine online

You can pay the following offences online:

  • littering
  • dog fouling
  • dog straying
  • failure to license a dog
  • failure to display a Food Hygiene Rating Scheme sticker 
  • COVID-19 offence

If you've been issued with a fixed penalty for one of these offences, you'll be able to pay it online once you've received your notice in the post.

You'll need to enter your fixed penalty reference number which is on the top left of the fixed penalty notice. Please make sure to enter your reference number and surname in the exact format they appear on the notice. You will also need to provide your email address so we can send you a payment confirmation.

Before you pay, please read the terms and conditions for online services and our privacy statement.

Parking fines

For more information around parking tickets or paying parking tickets visit nidirect

Department for Infrastructure (DfI) processes parking fines and deals with all representations and appeals on our behalf.