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Customer care

Have your say

If you have any comments about Cleansing Services please submit them using our online form.

Your feedback will help us improve our service to you. 

Customer service standards

We have developed 25 customer service standards to help us monitor our performance and identify areas where we can improve. 

The service standards cover five different areas: 

  • street cleaning
  • enforcement
  • community awareness
  • waste collection
  • customer support

You said, we did

 You said
We did
You asked us to provide ‘No dumping’ signs at Moonstone street. We have now added signs to the street.
You asked for help to highlight littering on a pathway from Shore Road to Parkmount.  
We have installed three additional dog fouling signs in the area.
You asked us to improve the dog licence application process.
We have updated the letters for licence reminders to include the pre-populated fields and updated the online renewal form to include less fields.

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Street cleansing
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Cleansing Services
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