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From April 2015, as part of Local Government Reform, we took on new planning powers from the Department of the Environment (DOE) and responsibility for community planning. Together, they give us a bigger say in shaping the city’s future development. We are already involved in many regeneration projects, working in partnership with others to develop local communities and create job and business opportunities.

We're committed to using our new powers to drive economic growth for Belfast and the region, attract investment and deliver positive social change so that everyone benefits from the success.

City centre regeneration

Given its importance to the prosperity of the whole city and wider region, the regeneration of the city centre is at the heart of our plans. In September 2015 we launched the City Centre Regeneration and Investment Strategy which outlines how we aim to grow and regenerate the city core and its surrounding areas to 2030.

Within the city centre strategy, we identified five special action areas that we wanted to focus attention on. We have developed strategies for The Linen Quarterthe East Bank, and the Inner North West, with other areas due to be considered in the future. The East Bank Development Strategy was approved by council in November 2018.

Spatial planning

As a result of local government reform we are also responsible for developing a local development plan for Belfast which will set out how we will use and develop land within our council area until 2030. Work has taken place with communities and stakeholders on the new community plan, the Belfast Local Development Plan. Following public consultation, further work will take place.

Capital investment

We are also delivering many major capital projects in the city, working in partnership with others to develop local communities and create job and business opportunities.

Attracting investment

We realise that attracting inward investment is vital to help us achieve our long term ambitions for the city. As a result we launched our Go to Market strategy and we have attended events such as MIPIM in order to promote the city to international developers and investors. 

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