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Investment Programme 2012 - 2015

We are continuing to invest in Belfast, as well as providing the essential services paid for by your rates.

The Investment Programme is our commitment to addressing the economic downturn and making the city a better place to live, work, visit and invest. 

It is backed by all political parties and includes major schemes to boost the economy, create jobs and improve quality of life our neighbourhoods.

What’s included? 

The programme is split into four main areas: 

  • £150 million in physical projects to provide new and improved facilities 
  • £34 million to attract events, market Belfast internationally and provide support for the economy
  • £29 million towards projects and initiatives aimed at strengthening people, communities and neighbourhoods 
  •  a pledge to keep rates down, save £20 million by 2015 and continue to deliver value for money services for our ratepayers.

You can read about our commitments in more detail in the full Investment Programme document.

Latest updates

We have made significant progress in delivering our Investment Programme, and have achieved or exceeded many of our targets. 

Projects are completed or underway, with many more planned. You can read more about these on our physical investment page

Main achievements so far include:

  • raising the current value of the programme to £403 million, from an initial £213 million 
  • spending over £340 million on capital projects in a decade 
  • creating 9,700 construction jobs over the programme’s lifetime (based on figures from the Construction Employers Federation) 
  • more than £185 million of projects now completed or underway across Belfast 
  • freezing the district rate for the third year running – a first in our history 
  • securing almost £100 million from others to deliver capital projects – doubling our original target of £50 million
  • more than trebling our goal of providing 712 job opportunities, providing 668 positions, including apprenticeships and ring-fenced jobs for the unemployed 
  • screening all physical contracts for opportunities to include social clauses which maximise their benefits to others. 

Future plans 

The Investment Programme outlines a vision for Belfast until 2015, although many projects will continue beyond this date.

We are looking ahead to the future though, and have already committed a further £105 million to transform our leisure services and facilities over the next decade, at no extra cost to our ratepayers. 

Local Government Reform has provided us with new planning powers and we have commissioned a city centre regeneration and investment plan to look at future options for our city centre.

Together, these actions mean we will play an even bigger role in shaping the city’s development, working with others to turn our commitments into real improvements for everyone, including new areas moving to Belfast. 


This series of short videos explains what the Investment Programme means for you and your community.

Part 1 – dealing with the downturn

Council party leaders talk about the economic downturn and why they felt it was important to help residents and businesses deal with its impact. They highlight the major projects funded through the Investment Programme and explain how they will improve facilities and deliver positive outcomes for local communities. 

Part 2 – building our future

Representatives from the construction industry and the trade unions explain why they are backing our Investment Programme, and councillors talk about some of its major themes, including economic support and better facilities.

Part 3 - working together

Party leaders speak about the importance of working with partners to develop our city and outline how all parts of Belfast will benefit from our investment plans.

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