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Our Belfast: Future City

With at least £1 billion of capital investment taking place in Belfast over the next 10 years and the potential for more, the city is undergoing major transformation. 

We launched the Belfast: Future City initiative in 2013 as regular event to facilitate citywide discussions with key stakeholders from the private and public sectors around strategic priorities for the city's long-term development.

Belfast: Future City events aim to bring a specially selected audience of key decision makers together under one roof in order to maximise collaborative working and deliver mutual benefits across the city.

Previous events

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  • On 20 June 2014 a Future City conference called ‘A vision for our city centre’ took place, where the early priorities and projects identified for the city centre strategy were presented to the audience by urban development experts Urban Strategies. 

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  • The first Future City conference took place on 22 May 2013, focusing on the emerging findings from the review of the Belfast City Masterplan and started discussions about the strategic priorities for city development. 

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