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Lagan Gateway project

The Lagan Gateway project includes a number of structural improvements and development works at Stranmillis including:

  • the development of a navigation lock
  • an iconic foot and cycle bridge
  • the refurbishment of the existing weir
  • high quality landscaping with associated path connections. 

Lagan Gateway

The total investment in the Lagan Gateway project is approximately £4.8 million, with almost 50 percent of this coming from our Belfast Investment Fund.

Other partners are Ulster Garden Villages, Department for Communities, Department for Infrastructure, Rivers and the Lagan Navigation Trust. 

Wider context

The Lagan Gateway project is one of the catalyst projects identified within the wider Lagan Corridor area, which aims to create opportunities for tourism, employment, community engagement and economic growth along the river.


The Lagan Gateway project received planning approval in June 2017. While work started on site in late 2017, unfortunately it came to a halt early in 2018 as the contractor went into administration. A new contractor has now been appointed however, and work restarted in autumn 2019. The project is due to complete in spring 2021.

Emergency night work at Stranmillis Weir 

Essential repairs are required on Stranmillis Weir to mend the under scour of the weir so that it continues to provide flood protection and regulate upstream river levels in future. Unfortunately, due to tides, some of this work needs to take place at night to ensure the safety of workers and to maintain navigation in the river during the day. 

Initial night works took place from 23 - 26 October 2019, with additional work scheduled for four nights between 10pm and 8am from 6 - 10 November 2019.

Following some complaints about noise levels during the initial night works, the contractor has optimised their construction methodologies to reduce the amount of nights required and use techniques that emit less noise during the next phase. 

If you have any queries regarding this work, please contact the Charles Brand customer care line on 9039 4395. You can also report any noise issues to our noise team using the online form or by calling 9037 3006. 

Future work and updates 

Once the weir has been repaired, work will begin on the other parts of the project, starting on the Stranmillis side of the river on 11 November with construction of a new path connection. It will link the towpath to an upper footpath which runs parallel to it, and the existing pump house will also be demolished. During construction of the new link path, which will be completed by February 2020, it will be necessary to close the upper footpath and divert pedestrians onto the towpath.

The contractor will be sending updates to local residents every fortnight during construction.