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Dog fouling

We are working hard to fight dog fouling, but it is the responsibility of dog owners to clean up after their dog.

Dog fouling campaigns

Pick up or pay up

Our dog fouling advertising campaign deals with the issue of people not cleaning up after their dogs and leaving their dirt on the streets of Belfast. The message is simple – Pick up or Pay up.

We want all dog walkers to clean up after their dog, it’s their responsibility. Allowing a dog to foul without clearing it up is littering and you can get an £80 on the spot fine. It also causes disease and is dangerous. The campaign will include adverts on buses, bus shelters, social media, radio and TV.

Report dog fouling

Help us clamp down on dog fouling by reporting it, you can:

We want to know:

  • Where the dog fouling is – the exact location will really help, include street names, areas, or landmarks.
  • The time you think the dog fouling happens – do you know what time the offending dog is usually walked?
  • What the dog looks like – if you know the colour, breed or size this will help us identify the offender.


Always pick up dog waste and put it in the nearest litter bin. You can use any plastic bag and any litter bin, including your black bin at home. Don't put dog waste in your blue or brown bins as this can contaminate them.

If your dog is caught fouling in a public place and you fail to pick it up, you could be fined £80. If paid within 10 days, the fine will be reduced to £50.

If you don’t pay this fine, we can take you to court where the fine could increase to up to £1,000.

Remember, it is an offence to be in control of any more than four dogs, at any one time, while out in public. If you're caught in control of more than four dogs at a time can be fined £80, or prosecuted if the fine is not paid.


  • Carry a plastic bag or 'poop scoop' with you
  • Teach your dog to go to the toilet in your garden before you leave home
  • Never let your dog onto the street to foul
  • Respect dog-free areas.

Dog control fines issued 2018

Dog control fines are issued in accordance with The Fouling of Land by Dogs (Belfast City Council) Act 2012.

   Fouling  No licence  Straying
January 2018
8 38 33
February 2018
4 13 15
March 2018 5 29 15
April 2018 5 10 23
May 2018 9 40 37
June 2018 3 22 23
July 2018 4 20 26
August 2018 3 35 35
September 2018 12 22 23
October 2018 8 22 35
November 2018
December 2018
Total 61 251 265

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