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Energy performance certificates

Anyone who is selling, renting out or constructing a building needs an energy performance certificate for that property.

An energy performance certificate tells you how energy efficient your property is, and includes recommendations for improving its energy rating.  

It is based on:

  • Type of construction
  • Thermal insulation
  • Heating system
  • Lighting

It is required even if there is no heating system or services at the moment, such as in commercial retail shell units or incomplete dwellings.

Certificates remain valid for 10 years but you should get a new certificate if you carry out any major refurbishment or building work which could change the energy efficiency rating of your property.  

We enforce the Energy Performance of Buildings Regulations (NI) and can investigate if an energy performance certificate is not shown to a prospective tenant or buyer. Offenders can be fined up to £200 (dwellings) and £500 - £5,000 (any other property). And, we can issue fines more than once. 

Who needs an energy performance certificate?

Anyone who is selling, renting out or constructing a building will need an energy performance certificate for that property.

Estate or letting agents must also display the energy indicator on any materials they use to market a property for sale or rent.

You won't be required to produce an EPC if you are:

  • not selling or renting your property
  • renting your property and both parties signed a contract before 30 December 2008
  • selling your property and the buyer intends to demolish it.
The following buildings are exempt and don't require an EPC: 

  • places of worship 
  • stand-alone buildings of less than 50 square metres (except for dwellings) 
  • temporary buildings.

Who is responsible for getting the certificate?

  • if a building is being sold, the owner of the property is responsible
  • if a building is being rented, the landlord of the property is responsible 
  • if a building is being constructed, the builder is responsible.

The estate or letting agent is responsible for displaying the EPC information on all marketing materials.

Information events for estate agents

We are holding two information events in City Hall on Monday 4 and Tuesday 5 November for estate agents.

These sessions will highlight the importance of Energy Performance Certificates and your role in relation to these when selling or renting a property.

Please use the online form below to register if you are interested in coming along. 

We have also produced the following guidance for estate agents around the energy performance of buildings. 

How do I get an energy performance certificate?

You can only get an EPC from an accredited energy assessor

The energy assessor will visit your property to complete the energy assessment.

Remember to ask for photographic identification before letting anyone into your property.

The energy assessor will record the EPC on the Northern Ireland register which is available at and they'll then provide you with a copy of the certificate.

Finding an energy assessor

You can find an accredited energy assessor in your area at

How much does it cost?

A certificate for the average Northern Ireland home is around £100, but the price will be set by market demand so it can vary. For other properties, the cost depends on the size and complexity of the building.

If you have any queries about energy performance certificates, please call us on 028 9027 0650 or freephone 0800 022 3004.

For more information, go to the Northern Ireland Domestic Energy Performance Certificate Register website at 

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