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Applying for planning permission

Coronavirus update

We have published a guidance document on how to submit a new application, amended plan or request for a Pre Application Discussion (PAD) by email.

How do I submit a planning application? 

Find information to guide you through the planning application process.

Application checklist 

Check the information you need to submit your planning applications.

Planning fees and forms 

Find planning application forms, details on fees and any additional information you may need when making an application.

Pre-application advice

Information to help you with your planning application including our Pre-Application Discussion (PAD) service.

Major development applications 

Find out about your responsibilities to keep local communities informed about all major planning applications.


VU.CITY Belfast is an accurate digital 3D model of the city. It can help to support your planning application or inform the pre-application process.

How do we process your application? 

Learn more about how we process your application once we receive it.

How we make planning decisions 

Find out how we make decisions on planning applications.

Post-decision and appeals 

Making a decision on a planning application is not the end of the planning application process. Find out about the next steps.

Planning advice for short-term holiday lets

Advice and information on planning requirements for short-term holiday lets.


We would like to hear your feedback on our planning application process. Telephone  028 9050 0510 or email with your comments and suggestions.

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