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Developer Contributions and Planning Agreements

Developer Contributions are a planning tool normally secured by way of a planning agreement provided for in Section 76 of the Planning Act (NI) 2011. Their use is supported by legislation and planning policy and their purpose is to ensure new development is managed appropriately and that any additional pressures placed on existing infrastructure is mitigated.

Since the transfer of planning powers in April 2015, Belfast City Council has routinely secured developer contributions to manage development impacts in appropriate circumstances. The guidance outlined in this document brings together existing regional and local planning policies on the use of planning agreements and developer contributions and explains the council’s interpretation of those policies.

The draft DCF is designed to bring greater transparency and certainty to the planning application process and to clarify to the development industry the main instances when the council may use planning agreements to secure developer contributions for wider planning purposes.

This approach has implications for everyone living in Belfast and not just developers. Therefore, before we finalise the DCF, we want to gather the views of all those involved in and affected by planning decisions. 

The draft Developer Contributions Framework was published on Monday 13 August 2018 and remained open for consultation until Monday 5 November 2018.

The DCF and associated reports can be downloaded on the links below.


Draft Developer Contributions Framework (PDF - 2MB)
The DCF is the Council’s guide on its use and approach to developer contributions and planning agreements.

Draft Developer Contributions Framework Strategic Environmental Assessment screening report (PDF - 189KB)
Considers the potential impact of the DCF on the environment in accordance with the Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) Regulation.

Draft Developer Contributions Framework Equality screening report (PDF - 521KB)
Summarises the Equality and Good Relations considerations taken into account when preparing the DCF.

Draft Developer Contributions Framework Rural Needs Impact Assessment (PDF - 100KB)
Considers the impact of the DCF on our rural areas.

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