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Recycling bins and boxes

Please visit our bins section to find out about your recycling bins and boxes.

Purple glass recycling boxes

We are unable to collect purple glass recycling boxes in some areas of Belfast on Monday 2 July 2018 including Upper Ormeau, Ravenhill, Rosetta and parts of North Belfast including the Antrim Road, Cavehill Road. These boxes will now be collected on Monday 16 July 2018.

List of streets affected:

Alexandra Gardens 

Antrim Close

Antrim Mews

Antrim Road (No. 430 – 538 even side, from Dalisbury Avenue to North Circular Road) 

Cavehill Drive

Cavehill Road (No. 165 – 325, from North Circular Road to Hughenden Avenue)

Charnwood Avenue

Charnwood Court

Cheltenham Gardens

Cheltenham Park

Chesterfield Park

Chichester Court

Chichester Gardens 

Chichester Mews

Chichester Park Central

Chichester Park North

Chichester Park South, Skegoneill

Chichester Roads

Evewilliam Park

Flush Drive

Flush Gardens

Flush Green

Flush Park

Galwally Park


Grasmere Gardens

Henderson Avenue

Henderson Avenue Flats

Henderson Court

Inver Avenue

Kenbella Parade

Kingsberry Park

Knockbracken Park

Knockbreda Drive

Knockbreda Gardens 

Knockbreda Park (No. 2 – 250 and 1 – 143)

Knockbreda Park Mews

Knockbreda Road

Knockeden Crescent

Knockeden Drive

Knockeden Grove

Knockeden Parade

Knockeden Park

Merryfield Drive (including Cavehill Mews)

Mount Merrion Crescent

North Circular Road (No. 2 – 72, from Antrim Road to Cavehill Road)

Old Cavehill Road (No. 4- 48 and 1 – 37A, from North Circular Road to Antrim Road)

Ophir Gardens

Ormeau Road (No. 354 – 450)

Palace Gardens

Queensberry Park

Ravenhill Reach

Ravenhill Reach Court

Ravenhill Reach Mews

Ravenhill Road (No. 520 – 698, even side only, from Ravenhill Park to Ormeau Road)

Rosetta Park

Rosetta Way

Sailsbury Gardens 

Salisbury Avenue

Shandarragh Park

Skegoneill Avenue (No. 2 – 68, even side only)

Slievemoyne Park

Somerton Court

Somerton Drive

Somerton Mews

Somerton Road (No. 40 – 74 and 19 -49)

Thirlmere Gardens 

Tivoli Gardens 

Tokio Gardens

Victoria Gardens

Windermere Gardens

Woodburn Drive

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